Category: New Features

This time, we bring the spaceships ‘ landing and takeoff effects.
Basically, these are the changes:
  • Whenever the spacebar is pushed,  while the ship’s on land, it takes off.
  • If the ship’s flying, it lands as long as there are no obstacles.
  • Crafting system bug fixes.

Reactor heart (RH) already has a working crafting system. Finally it will be possible to use minerals in the shipbuilding process. It’s a simple, swift and straightforward system designed to be entertaining and stimulate the creativity. The steps to craft anything are as follows:
  1.  Activate the crafting button: it will show up the panel with the items available to craft.
  2. Choose an item: Once we choose an item, the required resources to craft it will be taken out of the inventory and will be added the selected item.


The crafting panel has been devised to be adaptive, with different resolutions and with animated components. The inclusion of this graphic element in the UI, brings an attractive design inspired by the industrial mechanics imagery which has a connection with the crafting functional concept. The skin of the old inventory panel have been changed to follow the crafting panel’s aesthetic.


The resources requirements for each piece is still a work in progress. In addition, we have to design the definitive crafting scheme. Anyway, enjoy the video: