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After lots of bugfixes, we have now an stable version of ReactorHeart, ready to play. We invite you to test it, do comments, opine and send us pics of your space creations. We’ll thank any report of bugs you may find while playing.


We’re going to make a gallery with a selection of the community’s creations. Send us your pics to the contact mail and maybe your image will appear with your nick/name in the gallery.


For the #TLP2k13 participants I’ll be at your disposition to listen opinions, suggestions, questions,.., on saturday morning at 10:30


As usual, follow me on @nesvi7 to get the lastest updates.


Linux 64

Reactor Heart's Pre-Alpha #3 Linux 64 download

Windows 32-64

Reactor Heart's Pre-Alpha #3 Windows32-64 download




After last month exam period hiatus, we’ve resumed ReactorHeart’s Development, and this time with a number of news about the project.
To begin with, this year Francisco Viña and I (Nestor Viña) will give a talk in the annual festival “Tenerife Lan Party 2k13″ about how has been the project since the beginnings,its current status and what’s scheduled for the near future. For further Information, see this.
Of course, we’ll bring our first merchandising generation (reserved for a few selected people :D )


In addition, we’ve decided to release the first, though alpha, playable version for the TLP 2k13 opening date, in the 1st of July, so stay tuned.
This is the work we’ve been working on, so we’ve focused on the massive bug fix and details, as well as  on other new features. Here is the changelog since the last update:
  • A helluva number of bugfixes
  • Added basic mining system
  • Added some new minerals
  • Mineral spawning frequency fixed
  • Added first set of crafting schemes(needed materials+crafting = result)
  • Added painting system
  • Enhanced shades


Now the blog is being translated to Spanish, so there will be a Spanish and an english version in no time.


We owe many thanks to The TLP 2k13 organization team, Innova7, for giving us the opportunity to have a place in the event.


Here are some images showing the latest updates: