Pre-Alpha 2 Progress

Hi everybody,
This time, with the typical set of screenshots, I bring a video that offers details about the features present in Reactor Heart so far. Likewise, the following changelog summarize these features available in the current pre-alpha version:
  • Now the engines can be rotated.
  • The characters displays animations when walking to any direction.
  • Jawkings are set up automatically along with the terrain generation.
  • Now the engine got a fire animation when started.
  • Improve in the interface effects. Giving a much better user experience.
  • An error block shows up whenever a regular block is not placed properly.
  • Optimized  terrain generation algorithm (9s to 0.2s)
  • Added the piece “ship tip” to the inventory to set it up independently.
  • Added the sound system with some samples.
  • Now the prefabs’ editor  precompute the structure to accelerate the arrangement process.




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  1. chocoalon April 1, 2013 5:34 pm 

    nestor me gusta mucho tu juego te lo has currado

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