Reactor Heart’s a sandbox multiplayer game. The players build and use ships to explore and conquer territories within a boundless universe.The Gathering of precious resources becomes essential to create incredible spacecrafts, able to defeat the enemy’s fleet. At the same time, players will have to cooperate with their guild mates and fight for the control of planets and whole star systems. A wide range of creatures enter the scene to assist in your path to conquer the universe. Create the ship of your dreams and build it up using turrets , lasers and many other weapons. Design its controls or load custom scripts to create unique behaviours. In short, the construction and use of the ships is up to your imagination.


Game background and Development

Hi, my name’s Néstor Viña León and I want to talk about this videogame project, fruit of the work carried out in collaboration with my father since 26 November 2011.
My father proposed me to start a videogame development project, arguing he could take on the graphics design workload, while I could be in charge of the programming side. From then on , I’ve been combining my life in the college as computer science student (In the University of La Laguna) with the conservatory here in Tenerife. Likewise my father has been working as an associate professor in the painting and sculpture department of the faculty of fine arts. 
MineralBallThis project is nurtured with our memories and its aesthetic is based on the MS-Dos games we used to play when I was a child. The characters and many other elements are inspired by 80s Sci-Fi films as well as our own personal experiences and life’s perspective. And of course if Markus Persson wouldn’t have introduced the mechanics of Infiniminer( game just appreciated by a few people) to his flagship game, Minecraft, this project wouldn’t be possible.
This game’s development owe many thanks (and a bucket of kudos) to free software projects as SFML (development of graphics, sound, networking and a lot more), Box2D (physics engine) and Gimp and Aseprite in the design subject. We are using GNU/Linux based operating systems in the development. Many thanks to the people related to these projects.
In conclusion, whether you like retro stuff or Sci-Fi goodies , this is your game.