Néstor Viña León – Design / Code

NesComputer science undergraduate student in the University of La Laguna and student in the Professional Conservatory of Music in Santa cruz of Tenerife. He’s been developing videogames since the age of twelve. He’s interested in indie games and game engines development. He has been learning about prototype creation using Ogre, sUnity, Blender and SFML for several years. Currently he’s developing Reactor Heart and creating apps for Android. (@nesvi7)







Francisco Javier Viña Rodríguez – Design / Artist 

FranAssociate professor in the University of La Laguna, belongs to the sculpture and painting department in the Fine Arts Faculty in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. In his teaching, he runs the subjects of clay modeling, digital modeling, wood carving and wood sculpture restoration; of degrees offered by the ULL in Fine arts, Design and Restoration. As a professional of sculpturing, he has undertaken many wood carving works, group and personal exhibitions centered on the natural environment and how he interprets it and brings life to it by means of wood carving.









Hugo Jiménez Hernández – Translator

fotohugoComputer science undergraduate student in the University of La Laguna. He has completed level A2 in German and Chinese in the Language School of Santa Cruz of Tenerife. His interests are primarily learning languages as well as new cultures and ways of thinking. Experienced in the use of toolkits like QT and programming languages like C/C++ and python, right now is developing its own Computer-Aided Translation app. He’s intended to complete his studies with the Grade translation and interpreting offered by universities like Granada and Barcelona. (@merkuriosekai)